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Luke 12:34  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Jesus heart is for the lost and that is what we are about reaching people for Jesus Christ.

Walk for Christ event promotes unity, peace and love for all races, all denominations, all beliefs and all ages and all walks of life. Walk For Christ ministry is Dedicated to reach 10 Million Souls for Jesus by uniting every church small, big and mega marching two miles in the streets in every state simultaneously. By listening to the Word of God, praising and worshiping to help affect as many lives as we can by introducing millions of people to Jesus as their Savior. Bring the Gospel to a new level through worship, music of all kinds to reach all ages and races. Walk For Christ wants to give back to the community by teaching them how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. Walk For Christ is dedicated to lift up leaders and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

We live by faith not by sight. Will you be part of the miracle?
Lets unite.

Phase II: of the vision of Walk For Christ Ministries is that we want this ministry to be utilized for all churches and organizations. Let me go deeper into what I mean. Most churches average thirty to fifty members. The vision of Walk For Christ is that as churches and organizations register with Walk For Christ we would like to utilize at least two to five people from that church or organization. If fifty churches register and they lets us utilized their two members from each church that is one hundred people that now Walk For Christ can use to benefit your organization. Example most churches do not have a hospital ministry to pray for the sick. Now anyone can call Walk for Christ to go to visit a person in the hospital in the local area. Lets say in someone is in the Miami Jackson hospital, Walk for Christ would send of the people that live closest to the hospital. When that person gets to the hospital they would say Walk For Christ sent me to pray for you I am from this church. So now all the churches benefit using one ministry just by simply letting utilized just two members each.

If you want to learn more how to become a volunteer or just be part of this organization just email info@walkforchrist.com. I encourage your church or organization to allow us to be a blessing to your organization and the kingdom of God.

Phase III: The final stage of the vision is to have a building where every non-profit organization is under one roof. This ministry is going to be a giving ministry. We are believing that God will provide a building and every resource available to give for his people. We want this building to meet the needs of every kind, whether it for food, medical, housing, education, hurricane relief, family restoration and jobs just to name a few. The only limit God has is the one we put on Him. We are not just believing for this miracle in south Florida but in every state. We just want to demonstrate the love of Christ not by words but by our actions.

Please pray for this ministry that we will reach 10 Million Souls for the Kingdom of God. Lets unite.

By you financially partnering with us you are helping us make an impact in the local communities to meet current needs. We are also asking not to just give financially but also come and serve along side us, once you see the impact you can make with what you give Time, talent or treasure.

Here are 3 ways to Help This Ministry!

Become a Impact Partner!

Become a monthly impact partner. Your monthly gift becomes a part of helping to reach souls. You can make a one time yearly gift of $250 or a monthly gift of $20 or $50 a month..

Donate Today!

Every dollar you donate is tax deductible and will be used entirely to support the work of Walk For Christ and Rock The Block Fl Events, outreaches and conferences.

Ministry Needs

In order to continue and further our mission, we have specific tools we need. These items will help continue with our mission of impacting the community and spreading the Good News.


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